Taylor-Made Property Asset Managers was founded in 2010 and together with the founding of the PPS Property Fund Trust, began operating in June 2012. Today we are proud to own and manage 15 properties, 11 in the PPS Property Fund Trust portfolio and 4 properties directly on our balance sheet.

Taylor-Made manages PPS Insurance Company’s South African Unlisted Property Portfolio, the PPS Property Fund Trust, which targets prime South-African office properties in high demand nodes around the country. This partnership is our primary focus and we have developed a sound medium term plan to achieve our objectives.

Our objective is to grow the Property Fund to achieve long-term capital growth, which distinguishes the fund from the objectives listed with REITS (Real Estate Investment Trust) which target income distribution.

Taylor-Made takes advantage of yield compression strategies; our direct investments are opportunistic by nature and are primarily related to repositioning, renovation and re-development or prime properties.


Taylor-Made Property Asset Managers is the brainchild of equal partners Victor Schroeder and Gavin Rogaly. After seeing an opportunity to build a real-estate fund with a fresh perspective, PPS Insurance believed in the vision as well and so began a highly successful partnership.

Today Taylor-Made Property Asset Managers manages and co-invests in assets exceeding R1 billion. Each member of our team brings their unique creativity and experience to help our tenants and partners reach their goals.

As a participant in every investment, we have demonstrated the value of building real estate portfolios organically, often one asset at a time. Our vision is to build long lasting value for our partners, the tenant’s in our properties and the brokers who have a stake in our success.



Taylor-Made Property Asset Managers was founded on the basis of a strong owner’s mind-set. We put our capital on the line as both owners and co-investors of our properties, alongside our capital partners.


We conduct our businesses with unwavering care, fairness and integrity. We stay grounded by keeping focus on our founding vision and concentrating on our properties, our tenants and staff.


Our ambition is to create and grow long lasting businesses founded on a long term commitment to preserve, cultivate and grow capital.


Our independent and entrepreneurial thinking is our basis of crafting and delivering superior solutions and results to our partners.


We always seek to conduct our business according to the highest standards, while guaranteeing outstanding results in everything that we engage in.